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Environmentally friendly household PVC electrical tape

Environmentally friendly, lead-free, mercury free, and pollution-free. Made from high-quality plasticized PVC environmentally friendly film coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive.

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Product Details

Specifications: 10m * 18mm (200 rolls/box), 15m * 18mm (200 rolls/box), 20mm * 18mm (200 rolls/box)

Usage: Safe and environmentally friendly, dedicated for home decoration. Used for insulation wrapping, color identification, sheath protection, indoor and outdoor decoration of wire and cable joints in temperature environments below 80 ° C and below 600 volts, providing good safety characteristics.

Features: environmentally friendly, lead-free, mercury free, and no six hazards. It is made of high-quality plasticized PVC environmental protection film, coated with high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive, and has excellent insulation, anti-aging, weather resistance, environmental protection and other properties; Super strong adhesion, adhesion, and softness.

How to use: It is best to wrap in a semi overlapping manner. When wrapping the last layer, do not stretch it to prevent warping.

Total thickness


Tensile strength




Volume resistivity


180° Peel Strength


Power frequency breakdown strength


The above data in this manual are general averages and are for reference only. The actual test results shall prevail for physical product data.

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